Agile Financial Insights launches risk analytics service for family offices and investment advisors

Clients will have access to institutional grade risk analytics tools on a modular, user-friendly platform.

LONDON & NEW YORK – JULY 7, 2020. Agile Financial Insights LLC (AFI), has launched a new risk analytics service for family offices and investment advisors that allows them to closely manage investment decisions and activity and understand risk more effectively.

Co-founder Tim Keaney, formally Vice Chairman of BNY Mellon and CEO of BNY Mellon Investment Services, said the service has been developed in response to an increased desire for better risk tools in the wealth management sector.

“Family Offices and wealth management firms have not historically had access to affordable, high quality risk analysis tools. We wanted to change that, and our service gives clients flexible and intuitive risk tools to interrogate multi asset portfolios and get ahead of issues that may be brewing.”

The service delivers insights derived from the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive wealth management repositories.  This includes a wide range of analytical tools that track multi-risk exposures and customizable benchmarking tools to compare a broad range of performance-related drivers for investment and retirement portfolios.

AFI has partnered with Vega Investment Technologies LLC (Vega) to provide the technology solution for this service. Vega, led by Kishore Saokar, has been providing portfolio management, analytics and reporting software for ten years.

AFI has been founded by Keaney alongside Gerard Callaghan, former Chief Operations Officer at Bank of America and Bankers Trust, and Ivan Royle, formerly Chief Marketing Officer, BNY Mellon Investment Services.

Keaney added that the wealth management sector has been catching up the wider investment sector in adopting technology and analytical tools, which are critical in getting ahead of fast moving events and understanding complex portfolio allocation.

“With the Covid-19 crisis, clients are experiencing how seemingly unconnected events can have profound impacts on family portfolios and planning. By applying relevant scenario analysis and stress testing, they can understand how to better position wealth planning for the future.”

The service is accessed though a web portal, and supports multiple asset classes, country exposures and currencies. Modular in format, the screens, graphs and reports are highly customizable, enabling clients to select the right models for specific investment needs and can be white labeled for clients own branding.

About Agile Financial Insights LLC

Agile Financial Insights is a new global financial technology company focused on delivering insightful risk analytics to the private wealth and fund management sector. We help clients independently monitor Investment performance and understand risk more effectively.

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About Vega Investment Technologies LLC

Vega Investment Technologies is a Fintech firm specializing in the area of portfolio risk management and post-trade solutions for the buy-side. We help asset management firms reduce their cost of managing market risk and deliver portfolio insights that give them a competitive advantage.

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