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Approach To Building Investment Data Warehouse In The Cloud


Create investment data warehouse using EXISTING investment systems for business intelligence and real time reporting


 – A mix of legacy and new systems used in the current state of investment architecture
 – Multiple integration technologies across systems and legacy integration technologies


A target state of clean and complete data set in the data warehouse for analysis can be achieved by separating the current framework into 3 layers as below –

Layer 1 -Core Operational Systems
  – SecRef, Positions, OMS, etc.
– These are key systems of users to run daily operations. 

Layer 2 – ‘Golden Copy’ of Investment Data
  – Scrubbed clean data from above is the input to this layer.
– Timing of when the events need to be published & data content is key

Layer 3 – Data Warehouse using Snowflake/redshift in the cloud
 – Data into this layer is captured from events that are triggered from above layer.
– Data model to adhere to ‘columnar/snowflake schema’ with domain expertise is key

Above approach using an event framework built using microservices architecture can provide scalability along with the benefit of real-time actionable insights to investments data in the ‘cloud’.



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