Dolphin Platform

Derivative Processing Simplified!

Automated Post-Trade Processing of Cleared and Non-Cleared Swaps


Platform Description

The Dolphin platform is our post-trade processing solution for derivative instruments with compliance, operational efficiency and data integrity as its core tenets. The platform delivers a seamless experience to process and manage the complete life cycle for Bilateral, Cleared and also for Listed derivatives. The platform gets swap products to market quickly via its dynamic product configurator functionality. The platform also makes it easy to generate operational reports daily and deliver a real-time view of the derivatives operations.

It is deployable on premise or in the private cloud with uncompromising performance and is supported by a global team. In addition the platform is built using a highly flexible services-oriented architecture (SOA) with layers of reusable services and integrates seamlessly with existing systems to help modernize your IT environment while retaining and extending the value of your existing technology investment.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Product Configurator to support of new instruments
  • Business Process Management for increased efficiency and transparency to operational users
  • Operational Dashboards and Reports Management
  • Support for External Calculation Engines – Excel/MATLAB
  • Swaps Life Cycle Processing Support

– Trade and Position Management
– Reference Data Management
– Cash Management
– Price Management
– Market Data Management
– Margin Management
– Reconciliation Management


Key Benefits

  • A real-time view of operations is provided through a business dashboard for more efficient management of the business process
  • Faster time to market of new instruments is achieved through use of dynamic product configuration functionality
  • Provides for post-trade processing and management of life-cycle events for all derivative products i.e. Cleared/Bilateral swaps and Listed derivatives
  • Act as a single operations data source for all swap and listed derivative products
  • Provide seamless integration with existing systems through standard interfaces
  • The business process components can be deployed independently as appropriate for integration with existing systems

Product Support

  • Interest Rate Swap (IRS)
    • Vanilla(Fixed-Float)
    • Basis Swap
    • Forward Rate Agreement
    • Overnight Index Swap(OIS)
    • Amortizing Swap
    • Zero Coupon Swap(ZCS)
    • Swaption
    • IRS-BRL
  • Foreign Excahange (FX)
    • Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)
  • Credit Default Swap(CDS)
    • Single Name
    • Index
      • CDX
      • ITraxx
  • EQuity (EQ)
    • Total Return Swap (TRS)
      • Equity
      • Equity Index
  • Futures
    • Agriculture
    • Energy
    • Equities
    • FX
    • Interest Rate
    • Metals
  • Options
    • Agriculture
    • Energy
    • Equities
    • FX
    • Interest Rate
    • Metals

Integration Approach

Dolphin Integration Approach

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