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Portfolio Risk Analytics

Portfolio and Security Analytics for Multi-Asset Portfolios

Portfolio Insights

Real-time Risk, Performance & Accounting Business Intelligence Dashboard

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Ex-Post Analytics

Tracking Error, Jensen Alpha, Sharpe/Treynor/Sortino/Information Ratio, M Squared, Skewness, Kurtosis, Active Share, etc.


Analytics at both portfolio and security level that will help in portfolio analysis for understanding and manage risk include exposure, EvE, EaR and all fixed income analytics.

Key Features

Exposures at Portfolio & Security Level



Calculations for EvE and EaR Analytics

Economic Value of Equity (EvE) :

           Shocked value of portfolio for stress scenarios

Earnings At Risk (EaR):

         Change in Portfolio cashflows for YC scenario affecting float rate Instruments

Fixed Income Analytics: Security & Portfolio

Yield, Duration, KRD, Cashflows, ZSpread, YTM, etc


Exposure Analysis Screenshots

View screens for Exposure Analysis

Exposure Analysis Demo

Demo running of Exposure Analysis


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Can we run the above calculations in real-time?


All risk calculations can be run by users using user interface and calculation  results can be viewed using web user interface.

Calculations are not batched and are run as and when requests are made.

System scales the number of engines required dynamically as volume of requests increase and the number of engines are brought down if no requests are pending thus enabling pay-per-use business model.

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