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Look-Through Analysis

Conducting portfolio analysis by examining the underlying securities held by funds and derivatives can help better understand the potential impact on holdings for analytics such as exposure and risk compared to only considering the holdings at the portfolio level.


Portfolios can hold individual securities,derivatives of those securities and/or funds that can in turn hold the same securities.

The analysis helps understand the actual exposure to all the securities (without funds/derivatives) to ensure portfolio is properly positioned and/or for risk tolerance per investment policy

Key Features

Analysis at both Position and Security level for look through

If underlying securites are not available for the funds held in the portfolio then the position level info is carried through for the look through analysis


Look-through Analysis Screenshots

View result screens for Look-through Analysis

Look-through Analysis Demo

Demo viewing of Look-through results


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Can we run Look-through calculations in real-time?


All risk calculations can be run by users using user interface and calculation  results can be viewed using web user interface.

Calculations are not batched and are run as and when requests are made.

System scales the number of engines required dynamically as volume of requests increase and the number of engines are brought down if no requests are pending thus enabling pay-per-use business model.

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