Post-Trade Solution for Cleared and Uncleared Swaps



The Dolphin solution for post-trade processing of derivative instruments is envisioned with compliance, operational efficiency and data integrity as its core tenets…

Key Features

Dynamic Product Configurator to support of new instruments Business Process Management for increased efficiency and transparency to operational users Operational Dashboards and Reports Management Support for External Calculation Engines – Excel/MATLAB
Currency Support – A total of 19 currencies are currently enabled

Swaps Life Cycle Processing Support

Trade and Position Management

Reference Data Management

Cash Management

Price Management

Market Data Management

Margin Management

Reconciliation Management

Integration Approach

Product Support

Bilateral and Cleared Derivatives
Listed Derivatives

Margin Management

Initial Margin(IM) calculation framework for both Cleared and Bilateral swaps

What-If and Real-time IM calculations at both Position and Portfolio level

Real-time Integration with CME Margin Services API

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